My wish list for Glasgow (CoP26)

This is my analysis on the upcoming Glasgow Climate Change Conference (CoP 26) in November 2021.  I suggest a wish list of key changes in international climate change policy I would like to see, including carbon border taxes and international carbon markets.  I then...

Climate Change Commission Needs Education and Information Role

The Climate Change Commission needs an education and information role if it is to achieve its objective of holding success governments to account for climate change outcomes that benefit New Zealand.  Ultimately it is voters, rather than the unelected commission, who hold governments to account.  But the Commission can play a key role in ensuring voters understand the difficult tradeoffs their elected officials have to make.

Premature to Lock our Paris Commitment into Legislation

The retiring parliamentary commissioner for the environment, Jan Wright, has suggested New Zealand should lock down its commitments to greenhouse gas emissions, as made at COP21 in Paris in 2015 into legislation.  In this article, I suggest it is premature to lock the commitments down into legislation.